Membership Criteria

Membership in the Society for the Study of Muslim Ethics is open to individuals in the following categories:

  1. College, university, or seminary teachers of Muslim ethics; or persons teaching in similar institutions in other fields who are concerned with the relation of Islamic ethics to their subject matter.
  2. Persons whose full-time professional work in religious, government, social institutions or elsewhere is related to the purposes of the Society.
  3. Graduate students in ethics or related fields.  Students must be enrolled in a graduate program when they apply for or renew their membership.

Applicants in the first two categories should have a Ph.D. or equivalent degree, scholarly publications in religious ethics, or a full-time teaching position in ethics or related fields in an accredited institution of higher learning. The SSME welcomes members from around the world.

Annual Dues

Membership dues are assessed according to the following table:

Unemployed:  $30.00

Student:  $30.00

Retired:  $30.00

Full member dues based on current salary:

Up to $39,999:  $30.00

$40,000 – $49,999:  $40.00

$50,000 – $59,999:  $60.00

$60,000 – $69,999:  $80.00

$70,000 – $84,999:  $100.00

$85,000 – $99,999:  $120.00

$100,000 – and up:  $150.00      

Term of membership is one calendar year, beginning January 1.


Members’ dues pay for the daily operation of the SSME, cover the travel and lodging expenses of invited speakers at the annual meeting, defray expenses for eligible graduate student presenters at the annual meeting, and support educational outreach activities that promote the study and teaching of Muslim ethics.

SSME members are part of a growing network of scholars and professionals and have access to the otherwise restricted online members’ directory.

They also receive the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics (SCE), which publishes papers presented at the concurrent annual meeting of the SSME, SCE, and SJE (Society of Jewish Ethics).

Call for Papers for the 2025 Annual Meeting Deadline Extended to July 19
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